Learn about the trends and technologies that are driving the development of new flavor profiles in North America.

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Next stop on the flavor journey: The Philippines

- The cuisine features the flavors of different soy sauces, vinegars and banana ketchup.

Indian flavors heat up at Winter Fancy Food

- Snacks and condiments at the specialty food show feature new twists on a traditional cuisine.

Comfort food with a flavorful twist

- Product developers are bringing flavor adventure to meatloaf and meatballs.

Leading from the Middle (East) in flavors

- Other spicy inspirations may come from Morocco, India, Asia and New Mexico.

Culinary forecast: Flavors gaining favor in 2017

- Market researchers track trends such as smoke, heat, citrus and umami as they expand their flavorful reach into the New Year.
Heavy on the heat
Pour on the flavor
Beyond sriracha