Texture innovation and the technologies available to improve product consistency are the focus of this research assistant.

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Finding alternatives for vanilla, pectin

- While commodity costs are down, prices for vanilla and pectin may need addressing.

Tools for texture in snacks

- Starches play a role in snacks, be they baked or fried, crispy or crunchy.

Adventures in ancient grains

- The unique flavors and textures of wholesome, underutilized crops like farro, buckwheat and barley have modern appeal.

Grilled and smoked meat flavor trends

- Innovative rubs and sauces are playing a bigger role as grilled and smoked meats evolve.

Hydrocolloids – It's all about the gel

- The ingredients contribute to dairy formulations by giving products a rich and creamy mouthfeel.
Keeping it creamy
Protein partners
Crispy to crunchy