The power of the ice cream pint

Halo Top ice cream

Halo Top

Halo Top was one of the original high-protein frozen dairy desserts. Manufactured by Eden Creamery L.L.C., Los Angeles, the brand sold 28.8 million pints in 2016, which generated $132.4 million in sales, according to data from I.R.I., Chicago. One pint contains 220 to 360 calories, 20 to 24 grams of protein, and 20 to 28 grams of sugar, depending on variety, of which there are 17. Most pints also contain 12 grams of fiber. Between the protein and the fiber, this dessert is designed to satisfy the sweet tooth and curb hunger pangs. The base mix for Halo Top consists of milk, cream, eggs, erythritol, prebiotic fiber, milk protein concentrate, organic cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, organic carob gum, organic guar gum and organic stevia.

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