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Jalapeno-flavored products
Jalapenos are sizzling in snacks, spreads and sips. Click here for the related story.
Greek yogurt inspiration
With Greek yogurt capturing a third of U.S. yogurt sales in 2012, it’s no wonder more companies are looking to spoon up some of that success in their pipelines. Branded by buzzwords “protein” and “probiotics,” recent product rollouts reflect a desire to emulate the popular treat’s health halo and indulgently thick texture. Click here for the related story.
Chia products
Rich in fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are cropping up in such formats as snack bars, beverages, peanut butter, pasta and pudding. Click here for the related story.
The most read stories in April
Menu innovation and product development trends, plus updates on Blue Bell’s ice cream product recall, generated the most interest during the month.
The most read stories in May
Coverage of the Sweets & Snacks Expo, plus menu innovation and product development trends generated the most interest during the month.
Scenes from CAGNY — Day 2
Attendees at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference received a taste of innovations from leading consumer packaged goods companies and an early look at Hershey’s 3-D printing technology.
The 10 most read stories in March
Exclusive coverage from Natural Products Expo West and innovation insights from leading companies generated interest during the month.
Pizza crust trends
From double decker to cheeseburger, pizza crust innovations are delivering flavor-packed variety.
What's new in food
Haagen-Dazs gelato bars, Pillsbury Cinnabon-inspired cinnamon rolls, and Dunkin' Donuts almond milk non-dairy alternative hit the market.
Top 10 stories in March
Stories about clean-label and snack trends generated the most page views during the month.
Top 10 stories for February
Strategic insights into some of the industry’s largest companies proved popular.
Top stories in May
Stories about menu trends, new product innovation and strategic business announcements generated the most page views during the month.
Top stories in June
The most-read stories of the month focused on food trends, new product innovation and strategic business announcements.